Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Interview //Julia

 Black or White?
// Black

Silk or Chiffon?

Menswear or Womenswear?
//Actually both but i concentrate on Womenswear at the moment.

Shoes or Purses?
//I think Accesoires are very Important and create a statement for every outfit. So both!

Paris or New York?
//New York, for sure :-)

Streetstyle or Haute Couture?
//I adore Haute Couture, because it is art, but at the moment i am into trying to combine both.

Wild Colours or muted Colours?
//Depends on my mood.

Do you consider yourself an original or a copy?
//I think every person is an original, even if they try to be a copy.

  Do you live in the right time? If not, what would be the right epoque for you?
//Yes, I think i am living in the right time. My generation has the freedom to decide which way they want to follow in their life. This is on the one hand very great and on the other very frightining. I think, we have to learn how to deal with it. 
In the fashion sense it is almost the same. Everything has been seen, so the struggle is to find a way to express yourself and build your own silhouette.

Spontaneously, how would you describe the perfect cocktail dress for a 17-year-old, totally naive, at the same time totally bored, cunning, callous?
//Always black, short, with a back-clipping

What does Fashion mean to you?
//Freedom, to express myself and wear my personality to the outside.

How did yor life change since you started to study fashion design?
//It got very stressful, but i love it. I deal a lot with myself and think about how to create an own unique style. I am in love with the design process.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
//Very different, Music, lyrics, Literature or just a mood or a moment i experienced.

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