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Feature article// esther perbandt

The uncommon aesthetic behind Esther Perbandt's androgynous designs is founded on clean lines and muted colours in combination with elements of men's tailoring. The Berlin-based designer is well-known throughout Germany for her strong, architectural designs, alternative fashion shows and bold collaborations. However, as one of Germany's most popular contemporary avantgarde designers,.
Perbandt's greatest asset may be her creative intuition, however it is her wealth of fashion experience that has helped her realise her strong - often dramatic - designs. After earning her diploma in fashion design at the Berlin University of Fine Arts in 1999, the German based designer started a masters degree in fashion and textile design in Paris. During her final exam at IFM, one of her professors persuaded her to apply for a post-graduate programme for international fashion design. 
It was during the French post-grad programme that Perbandt got in touch with the business side of the fashion industry.. 
The IFM was very concerned with helping its students find jobs. So she got her first job as a design assistant at the french label Chaock. The Cote d'Azur-based brand is known for its use of bright colours and flashy prints - not a style Perbandt herself preferred. Meanwhile, the rising design star began to long for the German capital. Always fascinated by Russia Perbandt decided to move there for a time and stay there with some artists. So she started to take classes to learn the russian language.
In Russia she got the influences to start up her own label, for strong women with a faible for androgynous patterns. 

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