Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

About Contemporary fashion and danish Labels to watch

For a lot of People Contemporary Fashion is the segment of the future. But the big ones, whether P & C or KaDeWe, Karstadt or Galeries Lafayette, put on Contemporary - a contemporary looks and collections at affordable prices even below the designer genres. A fashionable blend of French sophistication and American permeability of Scandinavian coolness. Wantedare,  unused names, pointed, cooler, more individual than the previous history. Above all, the exhibition gallery is predestined. Labels to watch:

Nanushka//A beautiful name: Nanushka. One thinks of Hungary, in tradition. Nanushka but is also the nickname of designer Sandra Sandor. The Hungarian has graduated from the London College of Fashion and founded her own label in 2005. Pure trend, cool, edgy. She designs for the 'urban nomad', casual, yet sophisticated outfits. The sweatpants in washed denim cropped to Leo-top, to a silk jacket is an outfit. Another: Bermuda to mesh top to bouclé jacket.
Another label to watch is Danale//. A conglomeration: The designer from China, she has studied in Denmark, is producing in a German factory in Shanghai. The various influences build up to the three strong pillars of the collection: unbeatable prices, clean cuts, proper processing. Trendy: Asian sensual, simple Scandinavian. For the summer of 2014, the second collection of the label only, are printed blouses, dresses, vests and shorts in focus. In every part of flower designs to make strong black-or-white contrasts. Small drapery and asymmetrical hems are the only elements of the game
Charlotte Lebeck//: The Danish jewelery label Mary Black celebrates now international success. This has inspired many young Scandinavian designers to jump on the train and also to manufacture filgranen jewelry. One of the most promising is Charlotte Lebeck. Her jewelry is handmade and made ​​of titanium, yet soft and flattering. Absolutely allergy-free. The highlight: All rings and bracelets are adjustable in size, so they fit on all wrists and fingers. There are also delicate chains with tiny trailers, and small stud earrings.


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