Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011


Yesterday was the Fitting deadline for my self sewed skirt.
As you can see in the pictures I constructed a pattern by myself.
First I had to create the Miniskirt which is placed under the long above it.
I constructed the Mini skirt out of a basis skirt and then lowered the waistline.
For the floor-length skirt I started to extend my basis skirt pattern and than divided it into 3 pieces, so that i can cut it, to open the pattern up. That is why the long skirt gets equal volume in it.
A facing holds the two skirts together and a zipper is placed in the back.
The skirt for the Fitting date is made out of untreated cotton (mini skirt), and the floor-length skirt is made out of Jersey.

.....And than in the eeend after hours of working... my docent examined the skirt and i got the signature..jjiippiieh..!
Now i can finally start to sew it in the fabrics i like.<3

hope u like the pics

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