Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Goodbye Hollister Neuss - Welcome Hollister Bonn

Welcome Hollister Team Bonn

As I mentioned last week, I left my first Hollister Store in Neuss to help open up a new store in Bonn. Yesterday, after weeks full of hard work, we finally opened a beautiful and impressive store with amazing associates. The store has unlike other Hollister Stores 3 floors and a huge video wall outside. Thus I think it is really worth a visit :)

Goodbye Team Neuss <3

Even though I switched stores, I still supported my old Team at Abercrombie's big Kickball tournament on this beautiful sunny Sunday in Düsseldorf. Teams from all stores around Germany and Belgium attended. And even though we did not win, I just can say - an amazing store with the best team and the best people! 

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