Montag, 19. März 2012

Ciao Ciao Milano

The last weeks were really stressful for Dani and me so we decided to do a short trip to a city we both never been get new inspiration and a free mind. We choose Milan for was a really good choice, because the weather was incredible and the city is beautiful..the people the stores the buildings.

Day ONe:

When we arrived in Milan very early in the morning first thing we had to deal with was strike of the metro for one day :-)) So we had to take the bus and figure out a way to get to our hotel..which was located in the north of the city at Porta Venezia.
The weather was great so after our check in we started to explore the city...
We walked the whole day through the historic center of Milan aaaaaaaand of course sat in the sun for hours :-D


Day TwO:

On the second day we went to a neighborhood called Brera. There are a lot of little galleries, cafes and the university of fine arts located. 
After that we visited the Castello and actually we wanted to see the famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci "the last supper", but when we arrived at the church Santa Maria delle Grazie it just closed:-(
Than we took the Tram to Navigli to meet Johan who studies at Bocconi University at the moment.
We had a really fun afternoon with him, having a look at Bocconi University and some really nice concept stores and a relaxing time while having some Pasta.
In the evening we went to Corso Como 10 to do some Aperitivo and than to Cavalli Club to dance the night away.FUN!



Day ThreE:

On our last day in Milan we went to the concept store 10 Corso Como. Which is a whole house as a concept store with a Bar, Cafe and Restaurant.
It was amazing to have a look at the great designer clothes and the design books. On the top floor was a photography exhibition by Alice Springs.
If you visit Milan you must have a look at the store! It is one of the best stores i have ever been to.


Now we are back in Cologne, Dani is on Nightshift the whole week and I am about to shoot my Formfindungsskirt on Wednesday. Hopefully we find some time on Sunday to take some pics!!! 
Enjoy the fabulous weather this week!!!!!

Much Love,


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