Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Berlin Fashion Week

          Berlin Fashion Week and with it one week of fresh faces, inspiring personalities, best dressed people next to bizarre individuals, and amazing fashion shows, is over now.

          Our days were packed but all in all we spent an awesome fashionable week in Berlin. Next to the two fairs, Premium and Bread & Butter, we were very happy to be part of several fashion shows as well. Julia went to Schumacher, whereas I was so glad to see amongst two other shows, the Marcel Ostertag Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

          Our short resume from one week with thousands of impressions, doubtless we will not have to part with leather, transparent fabrics, or burgundy, grey, black colours next winter season. 
        Moreover, the mix of different fabrics as well as different patterns will last next winter. 


    Here are some Impressions <3   

Marcel Ostertag
          The show from Marcel Ostertag was dominated by metallic, golden dresses as well as fringes and small oriental patterns. Traditionally, Marcel Ostertag himself presented the last outfit, of course Model-like, in high heels.

          The show from Minx by Eva Lutz was dominated by leo prints, brownish, camel colours, with pieces of red and leather. In her evening collection the designer worked with fabric mixtures of velvet or leather combined with transparent fabrics, or like my favourite dress, leather in combination with tulle.


A visit to the japanese Fashionmuseum was the inspiration for Dorothee Schumacher's FW 12/13 Collection. Here she was able to look at the original sketches from Madame Grès.
 Impressed by the timeless beauty and elegance  of the dresses from the 30 s and 40 s she created a very feminine and glamourous collection.
She used a lot of different materials: Leather, Knit, Fur, Silk and Metalic materials.
The Collection is very multifaceted with a lot of details and Retro charm.

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